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Gain the Reputation

This is a draft article for now on how to gain a reputation at work, in your profession or environment.

Define your scope.

Landing the context is needed to know in what area you want to become expert or gain expertise.

  • Define where is you area or where you want to land
  • Define the “heroes” that can lead you or you can take as an example.
  • Define who are the antagonists or “villains”.
  • Define the problems that exist in the area and major risks.
  • Define your baddies or competitors.
  • Identify any major changes and forces defining politics.

Understand your place.

Defining the distinction that makes you outstanding is the next step.

  • Define what you can do, something significant that makes you stand out.
  • Define your baseline where you are towards the distinction.
  • Define your destination or goal.
  • Point how the goal makes you are fitting in or standing out.
  • Identify your place or niche in the area.
  • Define on how you add the value to the area, humanity or personality.
  • Understand what impression you will make inside the area and outside of it.
  • Understand what makes your role model distinctive.
  • Finally, clearly understand what makes you distinctive.

Create basis and proofs.

At this stage, we need to build substance and justification for your expertise.

  • Define the tools of the trade.
  • Define processes, maps, and flowcharts – demonstrate to be able to deliver the service.
  • Define case studies.
  • Create track record.
  • Separate the matter of fact from other information.
  • Define pros and cons as for sales collateral.
  • Define the relation between you and your role model to the substance.
  • Define how you will demonstrate substance.

Demonstrate your values.

On this step, you need to think on how to improve your visibility.

  • Understand how to behave with distinction.
  • Understand how to maximize the impression.
  • Understand how to impress others by ruffling feathers and making waves.
  • Try to predict the responses and the backlash.
  • Improve your distinction consistently adding value.
  • Identify the ideal situation and try to go for it, adding the extra mile.
  • Understand how your role model maintains visibility.
  • Understand how you will maintain visibility.

Making valuable connections.

Eventually, only connections truly identify your reputation; therefore, increasing the number of connections will contribute to your reputation increase.

  • Extend your scope where you can reach.
  • Extend the number of your followers.
  • Control your power.
  • Control your strategy.
  • Build political goodwill defining gains for others that you can contribute to.
  • Attract sponsors and advocates.

Creating your future.

On this step we are ready on how to consistently achieve the reputation.

  • Identify success results.
  • Document on how success is recognized.
  • Define a clear plan and strategy for each success result.
  • Define the needed habits and virtuous circles that will support you.
  • Include the steps to enrich your proponents or recruit the party faithful.

These steps shall be taken periodically or after any major changes in your area or in your life.

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